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We are committed to working with small businesses that have a strong purpose and a story to tell. We want to be part of that story - building strong personal relationships is the only way for small businesses like us to grow and that is what we do with our partners.

We put ourselves through really high standards when it comes to our social, ethical and environmental impact and we expect the same from our suppliers. We assess their social, ethical and environmental impact through self- certification using a questionnaire/code of conduct that we have designed. Every supplier we work with has to read, review, answer questions (best of their ability) and sign this document. For us this is not only a tool to assess where they are in their sustainability journey, but also a good way to get to know them better.

Working with small businesses is highly rewarding - you get to help the local community these businesses operate in by creating jobs and preserving traditional craftsmanship that has been carried over generations.

Kalilo's yak wool supplier

Baylag Ulzii LLC – A company at the forefront of Mongolia’s re-emerging exotic fiber industry

“I would say our company has very good social responsibility. We not only care about our employees, but also about the living conditions of the herders (raw material suppliers) and health of the animals. We pay herders above-market rates and contribute to their prosperity in non-financial ways. For us this business is about more than money. We’re not a charity, but we look after our relationships exceedingly well. I believe we are setting a new standard for responsible business practices in Mongolia.” – J. Ulziibodijav

Yak Yarn

Location: Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

Size: 1162 sq. m

Established: 1991

Number of employees: 100 (85% Women)

  • TRACEABILITY -  Source raw fiber directly from the herdsmen who are members of local co-operatives in Bayankhongor and Arkhangai provinces, located in the central, western and north western mountainous areas of Mongolia.
  • ANIMAL WELFARE & SOCIAL IMPACT: Founded Gobi revival fund in 2011 – A NGO with a mission to improve living condition of herdsmen and health of their livestock. Goat inoculation project in 2015 benefiting 187000 goats and sheep in Bayangobi soum of Bayankhongor province. Financial support to the Snow Leopard Conservation Fund as well as Hustai Nuruu Wildhorse Conservation Reserve. Annual camel festival to increase the size of camel herds.
  • LIVING WAGE & WORKING CONDITION - Average salary well above prescribed minimum wage of 320000 MNT (Source: wageindicator, xinhua, salaryexplorer) by Mongolian government and on par with the most typical salary.  Overtime benefits. Zero tolerance against child labor. 85% of the workforce is women.

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