Caring for your garments

Please wear your Kalilo piece with love and care.

Only wash when necessary and when you do, either dry clean or hand wash. We recommend hand washing in cold water. Use a few drops of special wool detergent and if you do not have it at hand, use baby shampoo or mild detergent instead. Never use fabric softener.

Avoid rubbing/twisting/wringing. Turn inside out. Gently squeeze in a towel to get the excess water out, ensure that the garment does not lose its shape. Do not use a dryer, instead lay on a flat surface and let it air-dry naturally. Avoid exposing your garment to direct sunlight or excessive heat like: radiator.

Care for your garment

Pilling is natural

Although our products are made from the finest cashmere/yak wool, they can experience occasional pilling over time.

Don't fret: it's a completely natural and common occurrence in wool products after continuous usage and is in no way an indication of defect or poor quality. Just use a sweater comb to brush them away. As you continue to remove pills, over time your cashmere/yak wool product will grow softer.

Don't wear the same cashmere/yak garment too frequently. Give it a rest of 2-3 days in between wearings. Be careful with rough clothing and accessories like: belts, bags, and jewelries, it's a recipe for pilling and snagging.

Hangers will stretch your cashmere/yak wool garment, so fold them instead when storing. Moths love woolen products, especially if they have any leftover moisture, so ensure that both your garment and wardrobe are totally clean and dry when storing. Use cedar balls or scented sachets, they help keep the moths away.

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