Our Pledge

We dream of a world where slow is the new norm and our voracious need to consume does not compromise our planet and the needs of the future generation. A world where everybody embraces slow fashion to create a wardrobe that lasts long - not a wardrobe that’s built on fast fashion trends that harm our planet. We ask questions about who, how and where our clothes are made. We consume because we chose to consciously and not just because we can.


This is a pledge to our customers. Years will come and go, but below are some things that you can always expect from us.

We are not/will never be a fast fashion brand and do not follow fashion trends. Our focus is and always will be on longevity - timeless, classic and thoughtful design.

We do not/will never have seasonal collections – we add new items from time to time. We will always prioritize quality over quantity.

We do not/will never use synthetic fibers in our products unless it’s recycled – all our apparels and accessories use label tags made from OEKO-TEX 100 certified recycled polyester. Check Design, packing and trims for details.

We do not/will never use toxic dyes in any of our apparels and accessories. We only use AZO free dyes.

We do not/will never position ourselves as a sustainable fashion brand, but as a slow fashion brand that is passionate about handmade apparels made from the highest quality natural fibers. Sustainability is a very broad term and it is hard to work with every aspect of it, however we work a lot with sustainability and it is in our DNA. We know that there is a lot more we can do with sustainability and that excites us. We believe in progress over perfection. We will take on different tangible initiatives focused on sustainability every year.

We do not/will never have a large inventory. We only produce in small batches – the biggest batch we have done so far is 20 for Scarf Iname. This is one of the biggest reasons why our products are expensive. We are committed to promoting moderate consumption every way that we can.

We do not/will never have stock clearance/end of season sales – well we do not have big stocks to clear after-all.

We do not/will never promote senseless consumerism – no black Friday, cyber Monday or Single’s day sales.

We do not/will never work with big suppliers who mass produce in big batches – we only work with carefully vetted small suppliers and believe in building strong personal relationships with them. We have come up with a questionnaire/code of conduct focusing on different areas – sustainability goals and vision, working conditions, ethical and social impact, environmental impact and etc. It helps us to get to know them better, where they are currently and where they are heading. We will disclose our suppliers and publish the most important information from our supplier's responses to this questionnaire/code of conduct here: our partners

We avoid plastics usage in our product packaging – each and every Kalilo product is neatly packed in a cotton dust bag. We use dustbags made from GOTS certified fairtrade 100% organic cotton. Check Design, packing and trims for details.

The shipping cardboard box we use is recyclable and made from FSC certified and responsibly sourced material. The adhesive tape used (in case needed) for outer packaging is made from 100% recycled plastic. Hang label thread is OEKO-TEX 100 certified 100% cotton.

We do not/will never use low quality fibers – we want our products to last long and to be re-used as much as possible whether given away or sold second hand, keep the circularity of our apparels and accessories going. We fully understand that classic designs made from the highest quality fibers have a good chance of having a second or third or fourth life.

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