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      We started Kalilo with sustainability first approach. Its at the heart of our brand - deeply embedded in our philosophy, our core values and our vision, ensuring that sustainability will shape our brand going forward.

      Our responsibility

      We as a brand take responsibility towards you and do our bit by being transparent and making it easy for you to make sustainable choices. Whenever you purchase a Kalilo product, we want you to feel confident, safe and guilt-free.

      Our dedication

      Our commitment to sustainability is reflected on our love and obsession with natural fibres. We want to ensure that all our products are gentle on environment and you. From products to packaging we use natural fibres as much as possible. Our packaging is minimal - no unnecessary paper, plastic or synthetic material and is focused on re-usability.

      You will get your Kalilo product neatly packed in a cotton dust bag or a tote bag which you can re-use many a times. Sustainability is not only limited to the materials we use or the processes involved. Knowing how/where the materials are sourced from or if any nasty chemicals were used during processing are just a small part of a much bigger story.

      Its a lot about the final product

      A well-made, high quality product will be loved, cared for and used to its fullest - promoting less use of resources. After-all, less is more and quality always wins over quantity, doesn't it? We at Kalilo strongly believe that long use-reuse and not short use-throw-recycle has to be the way going forward.

      All our products are handmade in Nepal using the finest and the purest natural fibres - no compromise on the quality and made to last. They are classic, pragmatic and minimalist - made to endure fashion waves for years to come. They are made with lots of love and care - we want you to love, cherish and enjoy our products every-time and for a long time.