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      Kalilo was born out of our love and admiration for natural, sustainable and eco-friendly products.

      All our apparels and accessories are sourced from Nepal. Made with lots of love and care by our handpicked suppliers. Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. We try to follow them from the beginning to the end. Starting from the choice of fibres we work with to packaging our products. We use natural and reusable materials for packaging and also try to keep it minimal whenever possible.

      Our vision

      A product is not merely a product, it's more than you see. A lot happens from fibres being collected by herders and farmers to a product that ends up in our store and in your hand. Our long term vision is to be vertically integrated and work with most if not all of the supply chain ourselves - sourcing fibres from farmers and spinning yarns to knitting and weaving fabrics; all under one roof - Kalilo. This means we will be able to provide great products to you at even better prices while ensuring that local businesses, farmers and communities get paid fairly.


      We get our products directly from our partners who have their own facilities where they weave and knit the fabrics for us. We have put a lot of effort in finding the partners who are transparent to us.

      People sitting under tree.

      We gather all this information using a questionnaire that consists of questions in different areas like: raw materials, certifications, manufacturing process, animal welfare, working conditions, living wage, benefits, social and ethical impact and etc. We want to ensure that people that work there are paid fairly and are provided with good working conditions and their work is respected and valued. The questionnaire is about evaluating (not judging) where a supplier currently is and to identify areas of improvement. Only when we are happy we choose to collaborate. 

      This process takes time, but it means we can trust our partners and build a lasting relationship that benefits everyone. This gives us confidence to tell you that every time you buy a Kalilo product you can be rest assured that you are making a conscious and guilt-free fashion and living choice


      We aspire to be a company that challenges the status quo. We believe that it's possible to run a profitable business ethically - empowering people, local businesses and communities.

      A kid flying a kite

      We are strongly driven by our vision of having everything under one roof - enabling us to create jobs and opportunities by hiring local workforce and contributing to the local economy. We want to source all the raw materials locally from the farmers and herders in Nepal giving them a solid and sustained income which ensures that they continue raising and herding yaks and goats for years to come, keeping the old traditions alive.


      We work with high quality handmade products from natural fibers like: cashmere, yak wool, silk and bamboo as much as we can. And we are looking to add new fibers to that list all the time.

      A man transporting goods in a boat

      We strongly believe that sustainability is more than the processes and raw materials - it's also about design. We want you to love and enjoy our products. Inspired from Scandinavia, they are minimalist and timeless. Made to last and remain fashionable for years to come.