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      We are committed to working with small businesses that have a strong purpose and a story to tell. We want to be part of that story - building strong personal relationships is the only way for small businesses like us to grow and that is what we do with our partners.

      Our Suppliers

      We put ourselves through really high standards when it comes to our social, ethical and environmental impact and we expect the same from our suppliers. We assess their social, ethical and environmental impact through self- certification using a questionnaire/code of conduct that we have designed. Every supplier we work with has to read, review, answer questions (best of their ability) and sign this document. For us this is not only a tool to assess where they are in their sustainability journey, but also a good way to get to know them better.

      Working with small businesses is highly rewarding - you get to help the local community these businesses operate in by creating jobs and preserving traditional craftsmanship that has been carried over generations.

      Patasi Cashmere - A second generation family business in Nepal that is working hard to make cashmere industry more sustainable

      “We are involved from grass root level and try our best to give the best to the farmers who raise the cashmere goats. This grass root engagement should help us make it more sustainable.In Our factory, we promote women participation, which we consider very important in context of Nepal. We do all our business under the legal umbrella and do not practice anything that harms someone else. Our cashmere goats are probably the happiest you will see in Inner Mongolia.” - Ayush & Ashim Pandey

      Location: Kathmandu, Nepal
      Size: 2000 sq. m
      Established: 1997
      Number of employees: 30 (20 Women, 10 Men)
      Average salary: 230 USD (around 27000 NPR)

      Notable sustainable practices:

      • Traceability: Source raw fiber directly from the farmers in the small village near Bayanhot, Inner Mongolia to spin their own yarn
      • Animal welfare: Visit the farm they source raw fibers from to ensure the cashmere goats there are treated well
      • Recycle: Wastage fiber in the factory is recycled, this makes roughly 5% of their total yarn usage
      • They only work with natural fibers
      • Non-toxic dyes from Huntsman
      • Renewable energy: Use of hydroelectricity
      • Pension plan/social benefits as per SSF Nepal
      • Zero tolerance against child labor
      • Working on Fairtrade certification (Delayed due to COVID-19)
      • Living wage: Average salary well above prescribed minimum wage of 13,450 NPR** by Nepalese government and average salary of 20000 NPR*** according to the data we collected from various sources (see References below)


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