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      Kalilo - Love for the natural fibres

      Every brand has a story behind and so does Kalilo. Our love and obsession for natural fibres is how Kalilo was born. Once we touched and felt a hand felted cashmere scarf one fine day, there was no going back. The luster, softness and warmth of a handspun yak blanket just blew us away. A hand knitted bamboo scarf was absolutely mesmerizing. It was an easy decision, what better than to work with what you love everyday and share that with the world.

      Yak wool - your doorway to guilt-free fashion 

      Yaks are long-haired herd animals native to the Himalayan region. The hair helps them survive extreme conditions up in the Himalayas where temperatures can be as low as -40ºC. Their thick warm coat typically has two layers of hair. The outer hair, which is the most visible on the animal is dangly, longer, coarser, and stronger. This layer protects the animal from snow, wind, and rain. The inner hair, the so called down hair is produced during the winter and is dense, fine, matted, and soft, hence providing great insulation. The inner hair is naturally shed during the spring and is easily harvested by combing; making the process of collecting fibre eco-friendly and sustainable.Yak wool is deemed as the new cashmere in the fashion industry and not without a reason. 

      A brown yak

      Yak wool is

      • warm and breathable - A number of independent studies have shown that yak wool is up to 40% warmer, 66% more breathable and 17% faster at ejecting moisture than merino wool. No more compromise between warmth and comfort.
      • amazingly soft, durable and hard-wearing - Fluffy and light yak fabric can easily be confused with cashmere as it's comparable in terms of the feel and softness. Yak fabric is soft, strong and sustainable.
      • odour and sparks free - Yak wool is naturally highly resistant to static. No more sparks or clingy feelings. Thanks to its anti-microbial properties no more odors either, so save the laundry cost and water.

      Explore our exclusive fine yak wool apparels and accessories

      Cashmere - the yarn of yarns

      Cashmere needs no introduction. It's synonymous to luxury. No wonder it's called the Diamond fibre. It is made from the soft and fleecy inner down hairs of cashmere goats. These hairs protect the goats from harsh cold weather in their natural habitat. They naturally shed their down hair once a year, which is then combed by farmers and sold. It's one of the most expensive and sought after fibres in the fashion industry, not only because of the conspicuous values it adds, but also because of its rareness. 

      Cashmere goats

      Cashmere is

      • extremely valuable - Incredibly soft, warm and lightweight. A well kept cashmere scarf lasts for years and will always remain in fashion - any dress or occasion. A treasured heirloom indeed.
      • a rare fibre- A single goat sheds about 200 grams of down once a year during the molting season from March to April. Not enough even for a scarf.
      • not easy to source and manufacture - Cashmere is still sourced from small villages in the remotest slopes of the Himalayas and the far flung stretches of the Gobi desert making it a hard raw material to get. And on top of that, spinning yarn from raw hair fibres is a complex process.

      Explore our exclusive fine cashmere apparels and accessories 

      Bamboo - easy on you and the environment

      One of the coolest things about the world's tallest grass - yes it's a grass and not a tree, is that it grows fast - really fast which makes them one of the fastest growing plants.Some species of bamboo grow as much as 4 cm in an hour. They grow back from their roots (no re-plantation required) and they do not need nasty fertilizers or pesticides. They consume less land and water compared to for e.g. cotton. Given the height bamboo reaches, it also gives high yield per unit area. All this makes harvesting bamboo inherently sustainable and easy on the environment. All in all bamboo probably provides one of the best mix of eco-friendly and performance benefits. 

      Bamboo tree

      Bamboo is

      • breathable and super comfortable - Apparels made from bamboo are very comfortable because it is highly breathable and regulates temperature very well, making it cool in summer and warm in winter. It is also naturally anti-static and absorbs moisture quickly, drying very fast, so bamboo fabric does not stick and cling to your skin.
      • hypoallergenic and antibacterial - Bamboo fibre is naturally hypoallergenic, making it perfect for sensitive skin as it prevents any allergic reactions. It has natural antibacterial properties which resists the growth of bacteria on fabric, making it naturally odour-resistant even after multiple washes. It is soft and smooth, feeling great against your skin.
      • low on eco footprint - Apparels made from bamboo yarn are bio-degradable and they naturally decompose in soil. Bamboo fibre is colorfast, meaning it needs less dye than other fibres like: cotton or modal and gets more vivid colors. Bamboo is also easily washable and chemical-laden fabric softeners are neither needed nor recommended.

      Explore our exclusive fine bamboo apparels and accessories