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The power of giving back

As the old proverb goes, better to give than to receive. Giving back is not only good for the cause that you care and are passionate about and are supporting, but also for you. It will nurture you (Some studies have shown that it improves your mental and physical health) and help you grow as a person by enabling you to perceive the world around you better and connecting you with like-minded people and community.

It is no different for a brand, giving back gives us a strong purpose and helps us connect and build personal meaningful relationships with our customers and partners. It also gives us a chance to engage with the community where we operate. Giving back is one of the ways we show that we actually live our values - slow and ethical fashion i.e. a fashion that is good for the people and the planet. We want to support organizations that work for the good of people and the planet.

Kalilo gives back - 1% from every sale made on kaliloshop.com goes to Himalayan Life and The Small World

We are using Give & Grow app from pledgling to give back 1% from every sale made on our webshop to Himalayan Life and The Small World. We choose these two organizations that specifically work in Nepal not only because that is where our apparels and accessories are made, but also because it needs this support - Nepal is one of the poorest countries in the World, plagued by issues like gender discrimination, child labor, human trafficking, natural disasters, pollution, lack of basic education, lack of basic health care and sanitation and etc. These two organizations actively work in projects in these areas. The projects they work with have a real positive impact and their work aligns with our values.

A woman carrying doko and a kid on her back

We fight the good fight

We carefully select our suppliers who provide safe working conditions and living wage to the artisans they employ. We have zero tolerance policy against child labor. Is this enough though? This does not solve the root cause - we want to do more. We want to support the fight against child labor.

We have zero tolerance policy against any form of discrimination. Gender inequality being one of the most prevalent from of discrimination in the world (especially in the developing countries), we want to support the fight against it. We select suppliers who have a high women to men ratio and make active efforts to empower women and disadvantaged like elderly and mothers. Is this enough though? We know we can do more.

Why Himalayan Life ?


“OUR GOAL IS Transformation. Protect, promote and educate children in the Himalayas. Above all, disadvantaged and vulnerable street children and orphans. That is our mission.”



Choosing Himalayan Life was easy. They provide safe home, education, leisure activities and vocational training to socio-economically excluded and vulnerable children such as street children. These children are at the highest risk of being exploited – trafficked, abused, child labor to name some.

They have a social enterprise (with more than 60 employees) that not only provides training opportunities for the former street children and helps them to gain a foothold in society, but also works with one of the most severe environmental issues - plastic. This enterprise collects and recycles plastic pets, processing around 75 tons of PET plastic bottles a month, which corresponds to approximately 3 million bottles processed per month. The processing produces high quality plastic granulate which is then sold back to plastic manufacturers who use it for the production of recyclable bottles.

Why The Small World ?


“Educate a girl and you educate the world. Together we can make the world a better place to live.”



We chose The Small World because their focus is helping the community and society at grassroots level. They are involved in projects with tangible impact such as supporting girl’s education – child protection center, empowering women – weaving for empowerment and community development – safe drinking water project, building classrooms, toilets and earthquake resistant homes.

A change in grassroots level is definitely needed to tackle big issues such as gender discrimination.