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        Slow when it comes to fashion, fast when it comes to climate change action

        The impact of climate change is real. It is happening and it is happening now - we need to act now. We know the hard truth, we know that we are in the fashion industry which is the second most polluting industry in the world, this means we have even higher responsibility to act. We know that it's not easy to do this alone, but collectively we can make an impact - https://ecologi.com/collective-action. So, we have signed up with Ecologi's climate positive workforce program to reduce our carbon footprint - give back more to the planet than we take and contribute towards a sustainable future.

        Climate positive workforce program Ecologi

        Our contribution every month is used for planting trees and financing carbon reduction projects from around the world - https://ecologi.com/projects

        We also plant 3 trees for every purchase on our webshop. We have an ambitious goal to plant 500 trees by the end of 2021. Check our progress here: https://ecologi.com/kalilo

        "The restoration of trees remains among the most effective strategies for climate change mitigation" - Science Magazine

        A woman planting trees in Madagascar
        Courtesy of Eden Restoration Projects and Ecologi


        Climate neutral shipping

        We know that the shipping and logistics industry has a huge environmental impact, however being in fashion and e-commerce business, sadly we cannot avoid it, but we know that we can make greener choices. 

        We use DHL GOGREEN service to provide climate neutral shipping. By using DHL GOGREEN we invest in climate protection projects in various regions across the globe, supporting a mix of projects in the categories of "energy efficiency", "renewable energy" and "reforestation/afforestation".

        We insist on high standards and the selected climate protection projects are based on their value for both the environment and the local communities. Environmental protection is high on DHL's agenda with an ambitious environmental target of zero emissions by 2050. Find out more about DHL GOGREEN and the projects via the links below: