Climate neutral home delivery 🌍 ✓ 5 trees planted 🌳 and 2% for the causes on every sale

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      Spread our wings

      We at Kalilo are proud that we are spreading our wings and on top of selling directly to our customers, we also cater for boutiques who would like to stock our products.

      Are you a small boutique selling curated selection of clothing - online or a brick and mortar store? Are you obsessed about slow fashion like we are? Classic, purposeful and timeless handmade apparels and accessories made from high quality natural fibers is your thing? – ours as well. Let's work together!

      Just for you

      Being a small clothing brand passionate about slow fashion, we do not have seasonal collections; we add items time to time and keep our inventory really small. We will cater almost all our orders bespoke - making items specifically for our buyers upon order. Interested?

      Then let us work together

      We have partnered with FaireBoutsy (Exclusively for US retailers/boutiques), CreoateOrderchamp and Trayde allowing you to order our products online easily and seamlessly. We offer very competitive pricing, low first order and re-order minimum plus all the added benefits that all the above platforms provide - check them out.

      Great offer