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      Our Blog

      Scarf Marbu on back of a model sitting on and edge with a view of ocean in the horizon

      Slow Living - Personally

      We live an incredibly fast paced life in a world that celebrates "more" culture - bigger, higher, faster, newer is always better. It's quite easy to explain slow living - it's a mindset - a lifestyle that resists this fast paced lifestyle & encourages you to adopt a slower pace of life which is more meaningful & fulfilling.

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      The COVID-19 diary - Seaspiracy edition

      The COVID-19 diary - Seaspiracy edition

      The most sustainable solution is that the fashion industry ceases to exist, but that is not feasible as millions of lives depend on the fashion industry and we still need clothes. So, what is the next best thing? There is no such thing as 100% sustainability, so our collective focus should be to attain "more sustainability" and not "perfect sustainability".

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      Boudhanath Stupa Nepal

      Why Nepal?

      Nepal is a country rich and diverse in nature, geography, culture, people and resources. It has a lot of opportunities and yet it remains one of the poorest countries in the World. We help (even if it is small) by injecting directly to the local economy, creating jobs and also preserving traditional craftsmanship.

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      Why is bamboo special? - Kalilo

      Why is bamboo special?

      Every brand has a story and so does Kalilo. Our love and obsession for natural fibres is how Kalilo was born. A hand knitted bamboo scarf was absolutely mesmerizing. It was an easy decision, what better than to work with what you love everyday and share that with the world.

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      The COVID-19 diary - Part 2 - Kalilo

      The COVID-19 diary - Part 2

      Travel perhaps will never be the same in the future, its definitely not going to be as unhindered and open as it was before the pandemic - no place or adventure was beyond the reach. This post with few select photos taken by me is dedicated to those travels - to remember and relive those amazing memories.

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